Texas Fire Academy

Welcome to Texas Fire Academy

Texas Fire Academy provides online and hands on fire service training that is second to none and has received praise by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for excellent state test averages. Over the years we have trained many students from all over the country. Texas Fire Academy provides advanced adult on-line educational services tailored to the fire service. By combining state of the art distance learning paradigms with the latest in fire fighting evolutions, TFA provides the ultimate in a fire service educational experience.

Fire Fighter Academy

Texas Fire Academy is currently running a basic fire fighter academy consisting of on-line course work and hands-on skills days. The on-line course work allows students to meet in a virtual learning environment created by their instructor. In each section of the course, students can expect to interact with instructors via chat rooms, discussion forums, email, and through other interactive media.

During this academy, students can expect to work on-line 16-20 hours a week at their leisure. Then every two weeks cadets will report for a weekend hands on training shift. Cadets will bunk in a working fire station and spend their time developing their team building skills, forming study groups and performing fire fighter training evolutions*. This valuable experience combines the traditional team approach of on site course work with the advanced on-line environment. By combining the two methods, Texas Fire Academy produces top quality graduates ready to face the challenges of the fire profession.

EMS Division

Texas Fire Academy also offers Emgerency Medical Technician Courses. The EMT-Basic course is a 17 week lecture based class that meets twice weekly in the evening. Students will have the opportunity to experience clinical field training in an Emergency Room and on a working Ambulance. Clinicals will be conducted outside of class time in 8-12 hour shifts. All clinicals are completed before the final exam.  After completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the National Registry Exam. This course meets the TDSHS curriculum requirements.


Advanced Courses

Texas Fire Academy also offers advanced Fire courses. Currently offered are: Driver Operator Pumper, Fire Instructor I and II, Fire Officer I and II, Fire Inspector I&II/Plans Examiner and Fire Investigator. These classes are completed in a convenient online environment. The student will only need to come to the academy for the final exam and skills evaluation on the last day in most cases**. After completion of any of these classes, the student will be eligible to take the TCFP exam for certification. These courses meet the NFPA and TCFP curriculum requirements.


*Cadets will not be allowed to respond to emergency incidents while attending skills days at the South Hays Fire Station.

** FIre Inspector and Investigator have additional skill dates.